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The Co-CEO of HooDies® and the first rider. He is the originator of the hoodie and everything swell. From his Air Jordans to his Superstars he's your perfect hoodlum.

When skating he's like Tyson in his prime no trick is impossible. The grit of the hood flows from his HooDies® brand apparel all the way down to his skateboard.

Newly Re-Elected to a 2nd term as SGA President @ O.P. Walker High School in New Orleans, he is an all-around true leader.

Hometown: NEW ORLEANS, LA (NOLA) aka Chopper City

Sponsors:, The Force

Affiliations: 220 Empire

Shoe Size: 10.5

Twitter: @dukeswellingtin

Mo B. Dick

Is an American rapper, singer and music producer. He is a founding member of the production team The Medicine Men, which produced most of No Limit Records' releases from 1995 to 1999. Music production started for him in 1988.

He released his debut album, Gangsta Harmony, on April 13, 1999 on Priority Records. Also in 1999, Beats by the Pound's lead producers, Mo B. Dick, KLC, Craig B and Odell, left the label and changed their name to The Medicine Men. He later released a second album, Perverted XXXcursions (2009), a third new album called Blacklight Matinee (2010), and a fourth album/soundtrack called Mine Eyes Have Seen (2011).

During his stint at No Limit Records, He not only produced tracks, but was also a featured artist on over a dozen songs. As a member of Beats by the Pound, the production team collectively produced nearly all of the label's tracks. Mo B. Dick's own repertoire lists his production credits on over 170 recordings.



Twitter: @therealmobdick